3d Hologram Inside A Crystal Box, Sold Through A Smart Contract

For the first time in the world, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s works is being sold as a hologram with a resolution of 670 million pixels. It will be up for auction on April 21, 2022 at 3:30 pm PT.

Named “Holo”, it comes with a smart contract that verifies ownership and authenticity. The creators say that the screen of a tablet or phone is not enough.

The starting bid for La Bella Principessa will be $100,000. 

The Holovere is the first company to tokenize historical masterpieces with rights.

It is believed that Holo is the evolution of NFT – NFT 2.0. Holovere say they use a formula that involves making an image at least 500 million pixels in size. 

“Our company is focused on acquiring priceless artistic masterpieces and transforming them into something unique and never seen before, giving works of art a new form of embodiment. By scanning the QR code on the label, you can get acquainted with the smart contract and check the authenticity and uniqueness of the work of art.”

Andrea Prince is co-founder and CEO of The Holoverse. “This painting is not permanently in the museum and very few have been able to see it. Now someone can display it at home or in the office in the physical world, while opening up new viewing possibilities in the digital world.”

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