44 Of The Top 100 Companies Use Blockchain. Infographics

  • Almost half of the top 100 companies use blockchain technology
  • Mostly tech giants and payment providers
  • See statistics by sector and brand

The crypto winter does not prevent large corporations from mastering the blockchain. Nearly half of the top 100 companies are already using the technology, according to the Finbolt report. The term “leading” refers to the players with the largest capitalization.

Technology companies showed the most love for blockchain (36% of the total). These are such giants as Meta, Adobe, Verizon, Nvidia, etc..

Blockchain technologies are also popular with global players from the payments sector (20%). Here it is worth mentioning such brands as Paypal, Visa and Mastercard. The retail sector and manufacturers are actively mastering cryptography (also 20% of the total). Among the most famous retailers are Walmart and Shopify.

The vast majority of companies are from the United States.

Why corporations need blockchain

First of all, large companies actively use NFTs – they play an important role in marketing campaigns. Such tokens are used in customer loyalty programs and logistics management.

Financial brands use blockchain and cryptocurrencies for payments. So, PayPal allows its customers to buy, sell and store digital money, transfer it to third-party wallets, etc. And Mastercard will become an intermediary between banks and the Paxos crypto provider next year .

Since January 2022, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has received more than 6,000 NFT and blockchain trademark applications, according to the report.

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