A popular expert predicted an increase in the rate of altcoins

A popular cryptocurrency expert under the pseudonym Capo spoke about his expectations from several altcoins. He assured subscribers on social networks: he is sure that some digital coins will significantly increase in value in the very near future.

The analyst emphasized that, first of all, his attention was attracted by the Terra cryptocurrency. Despite the capitalization of almost $30 billion, the specialist is confident that the value of this altcoin can grow 3-5 times in the next year. The expert said: according to the indicators of technical analysis, there are all prerequisites to be convinced of this.

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Next, Capo drew attention to Polkadot, stating that the blockchain network is very much underestimated. According to the expert, now the cryptocurrency capitalization is only $16.4 billion, while in the foreseeable future it can reach $100 billion. — $150 billion. According to the analyst, this does not look fantastic, given how quickly parachains within this project are developing.

In addition, a cryptocurrency expert advised traders and investors to keep a close eye on the digital coin. Cosmos. According to the specialist, at the moment this virtual asset is very much underestimated, despite the fact that its ecosystem is a powerful resource for the future. Capo emphasized that a price in the region of $20 should be considered a good time to buy an asset. According to him, the virtual coin has the potential to reach the $300 price mark. — $400 over the next few years.

Earlier edition reported: Capo assured his subscribers that the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin will soon undergo a major correction. According to the analyst, the cost of digital gold will fall in the near future, given what is happening in the world, as well as indicators on the chart.

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