Amazon Ceo Says Nft Boom Is Coming

Amazon CEO Andy Jesse said his company is not going to add support for cryptocurrencies. However, the CEO assured that he believes in the coming boom of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). According to him, despite the interest of customers, the platform will not integrate with Bitcoin, Ethereum and any other digital currency.

However, Jesse has shown optimism about the future of the crypto industry as a whole. In particular, the executive director noted that although his company is not close to introducing digital currencies into its payment system, over time, cryptocoins will cover the whole world. He also assured that he could imagine a situation where his organization would sell NFTs. According to the head, this industry will survive more than one peak of popularity.

However, a spokesman for the firm himself stated that he is not a holder of bitcoins or digital art collectibles. Jesse stressed that their eBay competitors have integrated the NFT exchange, and now his company’s analysts are studying this possibility in detail. They are trying to analyze the benefits of sharing digital collectibles, such as cards, images or videos.

Market analysts recalled that rumors about the possible integration of cryptocurrencies appeared more than once about Amazon, but this never happened.

However, the platform posted a job posting as it was looking for a product leader to develop Amazon’s digital currency and blockchain strategy and product roadmap.

In an earlier edition informed that analysts from Akamai Technologies told about the “Amazon to create their own digital token” scam. The attackers used the brand to inspire confidence in naive citizens and deceived them.

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