Analysts Give Cardano Price Prediction At $6.5

The crypto-currency community has been vigorously discussing the publication made by a group of analysts. According to 53 industry experts, the price of Cardano (ADA) will reach $3 in 2025 and rise to $6.5 by 2030. By the end of December this year, this indicator should grow to at least $0.62

This study was part of a quarterly survey conducted by Finder, in which a group of market analysts predicted the value of leading altcoins for the coming years.

Doctor and co-founder of the Center for Financial Technology at the University of East London, Iva Salami, said that before the end of the year the value of the coin would rise to at least $0.60, but most likely, the asset will trade even more expensive. According to him, this is because more and more users are showing interest in this blockchain to ensure financial inclusion in developing countries.

His colleague Matt Lobel from PLAYN assured that by the end of the year, ADA would cost $1.5. Morpher CEO Martin Froehler expressed that the minimum price value of Cardano cryptocurrency will be $1 by January 1, 2023. They expressed confidence that the Vasil hard fork would seriously affect the growth of the rate. According to the survey, every fifth respondent agrees with this point of view.

Also, 17% noted that the update will have a short-term impact on the price of Cardano, while the other 18% of participants said that the upcoming update will cause a sharp drop in the value of the coin at the end of this month.

Only 48% of respondents were sure it was worth selling the coin, and only 26% urged investors to acquire more assets. The price of ADA was $0.4895 as of 18:18 Moscow time on July 18, 2022.

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