Analysts spoke about the losses in the cryptocurrency market

Analysts of the CoinMarketCap portal spoke about the losses in the cryptocurrency market over the past day from April 24 to April 25, 2022. They noted that digital currencies such as Zilliqa and NEAR Protocol suffered significant losses due to the fall in the total capitalization of all virtual coins.

According to experts, the price of Zilliqa has decreased by 14% over the past day, falling to its monthly low of $0.097. Experts recalled that at the beginning of the month, the ZIL token was trading at $0.22. The cost of the cryptocurrency grew against the backdrop of the launch of the Metapolis project of the metaverse based on this blockchain.

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As a result, traders noted that the asset was overbought and it began to fall sharply in price. For a month, its rate fell by more than 2 times. Last week, investors recorded short-term profits after the startup announced its entry into the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA). However, over the weekend, the value of the coin began to fall again.

A similar fate befell another well-known cryptocurrency project – NEAR Protocol. Now the virtual asset is trading at a monthly minimum of its value. Over the past 24 hours, it has fallen in price by more than 10%, falling to $13.7.

Experts recalled that a couple of weeks ago, the rate of the digital coin reached $19.64. This comes amid news that the project has raised $350 million backed by major funds such as Tiger Global, Republic Capital and FTX Ventures.

Earlier edition informed what CoinMarketCap experts told about the most successful cryptocurrencies in terms of profitability in the period from April 19 to April 25, 2022. It was noted that 6 digital currencies from the list of the top 100 showed an increase in value by more than 15%. ApeCoin turned out to be the most successful.

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