Apple Posted A Vacancy For A Specialist With An Interest In Web3

Apple has a job opening for an Associate Creative Director for Content. According to the description on the site, his area of ​​interest should include the Web3 sector.

Candidates are expected to have 10 years of experience in developing content strategies and the ability to write creative texts. In addition to Web3, it must “show interest in interactive platforms.”

The specialist will work in Apple’s Retail Engagement and Marketing Department.

As noted by CoinDesk, the corporation also posted a job for an art director with a similar requirement regarding Web3 but subsequently deleted it. However, the text was preserved on one of the job search sites.

In May 2021, Apple opened a vacancy for a business development manager with five years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He was to lead the affiliate program in the “alternative payments” segment.

In the fall, CEO Tim Cook spoke about personal investments in cryptocurrencies and the lack of plans to launch Apple services related to digital assets.

At the beginning of 2022, Cook said that the corporation sees “great potential” in the metaverse sector and does not exclude investments in this direction.

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