Archie Comics Fans Can Take Part In Making NFT History

Archie Comics is one of the first major comic companies to launch their characters on Web3, and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina inspire its first NFT collection.

The American popular comics publisher, best known for creating Riverdale characters and stories about the teenage witch Sabrina, uses blockchain to develop artwork and exciting new stories about beloved characters and create NFT collections. Laura Braga and Vincezo Federici, the artists behind the 80-year-old franchise, have partnered with Palm NFT Studio to create a new blockchain-based writing room called Archiverse: Eclipse.

The Archiverse universe is designed to provide an opportunity for fans of the franchise to become the authors of future issues of Archie Comics comics, through generative storytelling. In the writer’s room, which both studios have specially designed, everyone can create a story with new storylines. Selected entries will be rewarded and writers will receive copyright credits (mention as the author of the entry) from the future integration of the comic series.

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Archie Comics CEO John Goldwater said the idea came about after the success of TV adaptations of the characters of Riverdale and Sabrina, as well as the advent of blockchain technology:

“We knew we had to find the right partner and platform to bring Archie 3.0 to market. We can’t wait to introduce the gang to a whole new audience in a whole new way.”

A new development branch of the project will begin with the release of an NFT collection inspired by Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This story has been running in the Archie Horror comic series for many years now. The NFT collection is called Archieverse: Eclipse NFT and will consist of 6666 symbolic generative elements and 3,000,000,000 possible outcomes. The release date of the collection also has symbols . May 16 is the night of the Blood Moon. The collection will challenge fans to unravel the “ominous” prophecy.

Unlike a regular writers room, which includes a cast of showrunners, producers, and TV writers, the blockchain room will only give access to NFT token holders.

As far as large-scale intellectual property (IP) licensing in the NFT space, Palm NFT Studio is not new to Web3. Most recently , the company launched an NFT collection with Warner Bros and DC Comics to coincide with the release of the Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson. Matt Mason, director of content at Palm NFT Studio, talked about how “symbolic IPs can work as digital social objects, facilitating genuine fan and community participation.”

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