Are Altcoins Slowly Taking Over the Cryptocurrency Market?

If you’ve been keeping track of the cryptocurrencies, you know that Bitcoin dominates the market. However, plenty of other currencies are in the space, and investors are slowly investing in projects with huge potential. The number of cryptocurrencies is growing steadily, and altcoins represent a vast group of cryptocurrencies, each with a unique utility different from Bitcoin’s.

Bitcoin’s Dominance

As most market activity occurs on Bitcoin, altcoins have become a sideshow. While they may have been in favor for the past year, Bitcoin’s dominance is slowly taking over altcoins. In March 2017, BTC’s market cap was 85 percent, and by June, everyone was getting in on Ether and the hottest ICOs. According to CoinMarketCap, over 2,000 altcoins have been listed. The fact that anyone can create a new cryptocurrency within an hour is a factor.

Bitcoin has unrivaled uptime. Its network has been accessible without interruption since 2013, and it has survived attempts by governments to ban it and internal disputes over its direction. Additionally, Bitcoin has weathered several massive price climbs and price drops. Its volatility has declined, but it is still the only cryptocurrency with this experience level.

Despite Bitcoin’s Bitcoin’s performance over the past year, it remains a dominant player in the market. But, as long as investors are prepared to accept the risk, Bitcoin BitBitcoin’sll is more solid than ever. This year’s gloyeayear’scial meltdown will likely be the actual test of the coins. In the long run, the cryptocurrency industry may become a thriving group of cryptocurrencies, and the coins could also collapse with mainstream economic institutions.

Besides being the most popular digital token, Bitcoin is the most stable digital currency. Though its volatility is high, this doesn’t me dodoesn’tcoins are entirely immune to price swings. If you’re feeyou’you’re about newer cryptocurrencies, you can transfer your funds to Bitcoin in the middle of a bear market and ride the wave.

Their Value Is Fleeting

Cryptocurrency experts quickly point out that the altcoin market is still nascent, making investing challenging. While the number of altcoins listed in the cryptocurrency markets has skyrocketed over the past decade, their valuations remain highly volatile due to the lack of market liquidity and retail investors. In addition, there is no regulatory framework to ensure that altcoins have a stable value, creating a thin market for the coins to trade.

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While Bitcoin is still king in the cryptocurrency world, many other cryptocurrencies are storming the crypto market. The most notable among these is Ethereum (ETH). While the term “altcoin” refers to both a broader blockchain network and a currency, it is becoming a popular option for many investors. Ethereum makes up over 25% of the total crypto market cap, while Bitcoin and Ethereum make up nearly half. A variety of altcoins takes up the other forty percent.

Although experts predict that there will be no one supreme digital currency, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most popular ones. There are now more than 600 cryptocurrencies, and more are rising daily. The market cap of cryptocurrencies is estimated to reach $1-2 trillion in 2018.


During the last year, the price of Litecoin rose dramatically, bringing it close to the top three coins on CoinMarketCap. Analysts used chart information to predict a gradual increase in Litecoin’s price. Some predicted it would go up several times, while others predicted it would fall. The most optimistic predictions predicted a price of $370 or more. Despite its short-term gains, Litecoin’s price has yet to reach that level.

Last Tuesday, 40 percent of litecoin was purchased with bitcoin, indicating a growing number of Asian traders. Moreover, diversification of holdings is a natural progression for traders in Asia, where the number of bitcoin holders is increasing. In addition to diversification, the high trading volume of Litecoin makes it an attractive investment choice for those looking to diversify their portfolios.


It’s not uncommon to hear how Dash and other altcoins slowly take over the cryptocurrency market, but many investors aren’t sure where to begin. This cryptocurrency has been a slow riser, but the newest altcoins are showing great promise and could soon become the next Bitcoin. While some people are skeptical about the technology, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

One of the unique things about Dash is its privacy-enhancing potential. It has four hundred masternodes worldwide and is one of the largest peer-to-peer networks in the world. It has a helpful sitemap and funded a feature-length documentary about the currency. Dash Force News is another way to learn more about Dash and other altcoins.


Bitcoin is an ancient currency, but Dogecoin and other altcoin technologies are making a big splash. Designed as a decentralized peer-to-peer network, Dogecoin utilizes a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. A fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, Dogecoin, was written in C++ and is often used to tip people on the internet.

The creators of Dogecoin credited their success to the fact that the coin was based on a Shiba Inu dog meme, and the currency has a high level of volatility. Ripple Labs is the company behind XRP, which uses the Ledger blockchain to allow anyone to list cryptocurrencies.

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