Ashanti Recreates Debut Album Cover For New NFT Venture

Debuting as a solo artist in the 2000s, Ashanti quickly gained popularity, getting into the Guinness Book of Records, and becoming the most successful artist of that time. After 20 years, the singer is back to reach new heights, and who knows, maybe her new NFT-related initiative will bring her new records … or already has.

Ashanti’s deal made her the first black female artist to co-found Web3. Last week, the singer announced her partnership with EQ Exchange, a women’s Web3 company. After she took ownership of her records last year, the singer made the decision to re-record her debut album and turn the cover into NFT.

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“I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since my debut album Ashanti was released. I am so grateful to you for rocking with me for over 20 years. Now I can finally give you something in return,” Ashanti wrote on social media.

“I’m thrilled to officially announce that my Ashanti 20th Anniversary NFT Collection with EQ.Exchange will be available on Wednesday April 6th and I want you all to own these new Masters! Which entry should be first? she added a little later.

According to the company’s website, EQ Exchange allows artists to own their own IP without hidden costs and direct interaction with the audience, cutting out middlemen. EQ tokens are given out to fans for monetary rewards, allowing them to make purchases such as Ashanti’s NFT collection.

“It’s so important to me to get people across the idea that artists should own their intellectual property. By empowering myself with new technologies, I’m trying to help other women avoid what I’ve been through. The future belongs to those who take control and make it their own,” Ashanti shared in her statement.

In total, four versions of the covers are available, one of which has already been sold. While there is still an opportunity, have time to get your own, the singer sums up.

“EQ Exchange provides the most transparency of any NFT community. We offer only high quality music from famous and emerging artists from all over the world. No discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, language or genre. EQ is all about great music,” the company’s website says.

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