Bank Of America: 75% Of Wealthy Youth Are Ready To Invest In Cryptocurrencies

  • In a new survey, BoA studied the preferences of wealthy investors
  • It turns out that the “golden youth” is ready to invest in cryptocurrency
  • They consider it a more promising direction than stocks

Bank of America has published an interesting study on the assets preferred by wealthy Americans.

It turns out that age plays a dominant role here. Young investors prefer to diversify their portfolios through cryptocurrencies – such plans were announced by 75% of respondents aged 21 to 42. They see more opportunities in digital assets than stocks.

“If the youngest group is unsure about the stock market, where does it see investment growth opportunities? Alternatives, including cryptocurrencies, are their #1 choice,” the bank wrote.

At the same time, more mature investors tend to use traditional assets. Only 32% of respondents over 42 believe it is impossible to achieve portfolio profitability without crypto investments. 

“29% of young investors responded that cryptocurrencies provide a leading opportunity for wealth growth. And only 7% of the older group agree with this.”

Interestingly, every second young millionaires their strategies from advice on social networks. Among the older group, only 30% practice it.

The survey surveyed 1,052 people over the age of 21 who can afford an investment of more than $3 million.

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