Best Cryptocurrency Airdrops From 18 To 24 April 2022

Airdrops are promotions with a free distribution of tokens. If the startup is successful, then the holders will receive coins, which in the future can bring hundreds and even thousands of dollars of profit. Often, companies that have recently entered the market do this in order to attract the attention of a wide range of users.

But sometimes big players in the digital industry also distribute tokens. For example, the Binance exchange often conducts airdrops to promote new functionality and increase the level of liquidity. However, in most cases, it all comes down to marketing policy: young companies seek to attract the attention of users. And one of the effective ways to solve this problem is the free distribution of internal coins.

Airdrop Belacam

Registration on the site is free, takes a couple of minutes

This is a new generation social network project where users are rewarded for getting likes on their photos and videos. It is only necessary to publish interesting posts, receiving tokens for this. Coins can be withdrawn to the exchange, and then exchanged for BTC or USD.

The user’s personal account reflects information about the number of publications and current income. By clicking on the “Deal” button in the upper right corner, the client will be transferred to the trading platform, where he will be able to make an exchange operation. Participation rules:

  • Register on Belacam. 10 BELA is issued for e-mail confirmation.
  • Post photos and videos (1 BELA for each like).
  • Another 10 to 20 BELA can be received for attracted users.

Airdrop GhostBUSDer

Project from Switzerland. Its idea is that the user invests in GhostBUSDer and receives a reward in return. Funds are automatically transferred (every hour) to the BUSD wallet. The official website has a calculator with which you can calculate the amount of potential profit. Participation rules:

  • Subscribe to the Telegram channel GhostBUSDer Official.
  • Follow GhostBUSDer Official on Twitter, share this post by tagging at least two friends.
  • Fill form.
Airdrop from startup GhostBUSDer

Airdrop Premission

The project was created to combat the exploitative model of advertising on the Internet. The main task is to ensure users have ownership of their time and personal information. The native ASK token acts as a reward to individuals for sharing their data and interacting with various brands.

The project pays 100 ASK to new users. To do this, you just need to register on the site and confirm your email. Participation rules:

  • Visit
  • Register.
  • Confirm registration (an email will be sent).
  • A new user immediately receives 100 ASK. You can complete various tasks to get even more coins.
  • The reward is transferred to the deferred balance. You can receive payments after verification.

By collecting free coins, the user does not risk anything. For a beginner, this can be a great opportunity to create start-up crypto capital.

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