Bitfinex Is Back Online

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex said it had to “temporarily suspend trading” on Tuesday due to a platform issue.

“We are investigating issues with the platform and are forced to temporarily suspend trading,” Bitfinex tweeted. “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

The exchange was closed for about two hours starting around 11:00 UTC. But returned to the network shortly after 13:00 UTC.

“There was a slight glitch during the internal server upgrade,” a Bitfinex spokesperson told CoinDesk via email. “As a precautionary measure and given that current market conditions are not volatile, we have suspended trading for further investigation. Trade has now resumed.

At the time when Bitfinex was down, bitcoin’s price fluctuated from $41,030.21 to a low of $40,665.31 on rival exchange Coinbase, according to data compiled by TradingView.

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