CertiK successfully raised $60 million from investors

Representatives of the blockchain security company CertiK said they have successfully completed another round of funding. Raised $60 million according to firm executives. Led SoftBank Vision Fund II event. Tiger Global also invested heavily.

The creators of the startup assured that the money raised will be used to develop new products and services designed to ensure the security of the blockchain industry. The project team emphasized that they are one of the leaders and pioneers in the development of tools for Web 3.0 and create innovative use cases for virtual ecosystems. CertiK helps blockchain games related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and start-ups from the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry function.

CertiK Vice President for Marketing Monier Jalal noted that the development of such products is not easy, mistakes often happen. Safety is key. It is necessary to ensure the reliability and trust in the infrastructure. It is important for customers to be sure that blockchain bridges or DeFi lending schemes are stable and running smoothly, and digital funds are protected.

Recently, hackers have become more active and have directed all their attention to this industry. That is why safety is at the forefront. Venture capital funds have begun to show great interest in blockchain trustworthiness services.

Jalal recalled that his company had already raised $88 million in Series B3 funding this month, raising its equity valuation to $2 billion.

Earlier edition reported: The Beanstalk DAO DeFi protocol was attacked by cybercriminals on April 17, 2022. Analysts assured that users lost about $75-80 million.

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