Crypterium Wallet Rebranded To

The Crypterium crypto wallet has been permanently renamed as part of the rebranding program. Representatives of the company announced their intention to connect the worlds of centralized (CeFi) and decentralized (DeFi) finance. The company’s new mandate is to transform into a MetaFi ecosystem that will provide users full access to the best elements of the traditional and digital markets.

According to the startup founders, rebranding marks a new milestone in the project’s history. will leap forward by gradually transforming Crypterium into an innovative digital asset ecosystem that provides its users with more excellent choices and financial freedom.

The MetaFi platform will allow users to earn more on their cryptocurrency assets through profitable farming (yield farming), DEX exchanges, liquidity pools, and lending protocols. The developers promised to modernize the design of the service, as well as simplify the interface, improve security and customer support, creating a single trading platform that will satisfy the needs of all traders and investors.

“With upcoming updates, will unify all crypto solutions in one place, allowing customers to have a convenient service for storing, exchanging, investing and using their digital assets, using a Crypterium debit card, bank transfers and more.”

Earlier, the editors reported that representatives announced the launch of the $5 million Celebration Pool . Platform clients were able to open an interest-bearing account and take advantage of the offer to receive a 15% annual return (APY) in the USDT stablecoin.

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