Crypto Exchange Agreed With Italian Regulators

According to a press release, the cryptocurrency trading platform has received the approval of the Italian regulatory authorities, namely the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM). This allowed the company to enter a new market and offer its products and services to customers in this country.

Representatives said that this is a significant step in international expansion. The company assured that they would try to expand their representation in Europe. Still, they are well aware that they will have to cooperate with the regulators of the leading European countries. Nevertheless, the leadership stressed that it was ready for such a step.

The organization said that the negotiations were not easy, and for several months, could not come to an agreement with OAM and provide all the necessary documents. For this, lawyers were involved, who helped to resolve any issues. The company noted that shortly they plan to enter new European markets, and for this, they were going to expand the legal department.

Representatives of the platform recalled that they had recently received a work permit in Greece, as well as a license approved in Singapore. In addition, in the spring of this year, the company opened a new office in Dubai.

Co-founder and CEO of the company Chris Marszalek assured that he will continue to strive to ensure a steady increase in interest in cryptocurrencies in the region and will try to establish cooperation with supervisory authorities. According to him, regulation of the sector is a critical issue in the industry.

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