Crypto exchange Coinbase will not publish a list of coins for listing prematurely

There is evidence that the cryptocurrency platform Coinbase will not publicly give information about tokens until they pass the final listing. This is a kind of company’s response to numerous accusations regarding insider activity, according to the official Coinbase portal.

Previously, the exchange provided free access to lists of coins that are only being considered for release into trading circulation. This information was used by dishonest traders who tried to find a direct link between the trading platform and listing tokens.

Coinbase representatives noted that this is public information that all users can study. Now the concept has changed, and data on new crypto assets will be published strictly after the official approval of their integration within the platform. At the same time, attention was focused on the fact that there are chances that someone inside the exchange itself can distribute insider information to third parties. In this regard, continuous monitoring of the work of employees will be carried out to identify potential violators.

It is also indicated that Coinbase works with legal organizations to achieve its goals. They, in turn, analyze a wide range of blockchain information, evaluating large user transactions. At the same time, every effort is made to create a professional and social interaction between employees of the exchange and those who specialize in insider activities.

A previously unknown client purchased $400,000 worth of tokens exactly 24 hours before their official listing on Coinbase. Many users note that the trading platform has been repeatedly suspected of insider trading. It has even been hypothesized that the company itself could be behind the buyback of coins to maintain a high level of liquidity.

An earlier edition informed that the Binance exchange found $5.8 million worth of crypto assets that were stolen by an attacker on the Ronin network. These funds are directly related to the hack of the popular NFT game Axie Infinity and will soon be returned to their rightful holders.


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