Crypto Whale Demand For Cardano (ADA) Steadily Growing

Cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) is in significant demand from large holders in the BSC ecosystem. And this is despite the fact that over the past day the coin has lost about 5.16% in price, having settled near the level of $0.468. Cardano has entered the top 10 assets in terms of trading volume among the largest crypto whales on the BSC network.

Ahead of the Vasil mainnet launch, Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson said: ADA has never been as strong as it is now. The developer simultaneously expressed the thesis that the cryptocurrency segment is divorced from reality. According to the expert, most investors are focused on macroeconomic indicators and do not see the full picture. He added that the focus of consumers should always be on the technological perspective of digital currencies.

Meanwhile, the developers of the Indigo decentralized application on the Cardano network announced the successful completion of the Vasil integration.

It was noted that the commission fees under the ADA have significantly decreased due to the reduction in transaction costs in the analysis of data in the blockchain.

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