Developers Introduced Wrapped ENS Domains With Extended Functionality

Ethereum developers have introduced the ENS Name Wrapper code, which allows you to transform ENS names into a “wrapped version” in the form of an ERC-1155 token. Domain owners will have more control over subdomain names. 

In particular, the owner of example.eth can allow the creation of sub1.example.eth and restrict further creation of subdomains. It will still be possible to create sub1 from sub2.sub1.example.eth.

The ENS Name Wrapper will grant rights (fuses) to:

  • translation;
  • creation of further subdomains;
  • installation of text entries.

Each fuse can be turned on / off permanently and irrevocably.

In other words, exclude control over subdomains in the future.

The ENS Name Wrapper solves the problem of trust in a situation where someone can provide a subdomain to another, and then return it unilaterally. This will happen after burning the corresponding fuse.

The ERC-1155 standard will allow them to be displayed, transferred and exchanged in any wallet that supports it.

ENS metrics hit new all – time highs . In early July, the number of registrations in the Ethereum Name Service soared by 163% in a week .

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