“Education in the field of digital assets will accelerate the development of the crypto industry in Latin America,” opinion

The level of education in the cryptography industry leaves much to be desired, analysts are sure, because it is precisely because of the ignorance of elementary information about digital assets that citizens do not allow this industry to develop.

According to many studies, the largest number of citizens who do not know anything about cryptocurrency live in Latin America. Because of this, analysts believe, a large-scale expansion of the new money industry in this region is out of the question.

A survey conducted at the end of 2021 showed that about 15% of the total volume of military-technical cooperation is in Latin America. Despite a pretty good indicator, experts were quick to assure that not so many people use bitcoin in this region. So, according to Crypto Literacy, 99% of respondents living in Mexico and Brazil could not pass the crypto literacy test, which included the simplest and most basic questions.

From all this, it turns out that the Latin American audience may simply not be interested in the digital asset industry. This version, of course, has the right to life, however, analysts believe that it is with the help of cryptocurrencies that Latin America can save itself from the global crisis.

“It’s not at all that Latin Americans don’t want to use cryptocurrency. The fact is that they don’t even know what it is, and here, most likely, the government should be blamed. The authorities of the countries of Latin America urgently need to take measures to create special educational courses to raise the level of awareness of citizens. Probably, the leaders of the states of this region do not yet understand that only digital assets can protect Latin America from rapidly rising inflation,” analysts say.
Recall that we previously reported that another Latin American country announced its intention to legalize bitcoin.

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