Ethereum whales have accumulated several altcoins over the past days

According to WhaleStats, the whales of the Ethereum network have accumulated holdings of Shiba Inu, ApeCoin, and two other altcoins. Gaming cryptocurrencies and projects related to the metaverse were popular among investors.

Analysts of the service assured that over the past few days, the whales have significantly replenished their reserves with the APE cryptocurrency. This happened after the developers of the project announced the launch of a new metaverse Otherside. Whales showed increased interest and actively purchased the token, which contributed to the growth of its value. Experts suggested that the rate of the digital asset will continue to go up.

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In addition, a lot of Shiba Inu (SHIB). Accounts holding a small amount of Ethereum coins have purchased several million US dollars worth of tokens. They did it in small portions, but were extremely active. According to experts, this may indicate serious expectations and the future growth of the cryptocurrency rate.

Among other things, serious interest has been seen in the two most popular projects of the metaverse – Decentraland and The Sandbox. For example, the volume of trading operations with the SAND digital token has grown sharply, which has reached the overall 5th place among all over the past 24 hours.

WhaleStats analysts have highlighted the most noteworthy cryptocurrency whale transactions in recent days. For example, the fifth largest ETH wallet called BlueWhale0073 purchased 219,332,229,787 SHIB tokens for $5.45 million. APE for $4.41 million Bombur wallet acquired 51,799,991,288 SHIB for $1.17 million.

Earlier edition informed that, according to WhaleStats, Ethereum whales have recently been actively buying a decentralized token based on the Solana blockchain – Serum.

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