Experts predicted the collapse of the cryptocurrency market

Analysts John McLane and Robert Spector assured that the cryptocurrency market is in for an imminent collapse. Experts noted that this will definitely happen, the only question is when for sure. Experts emphasized that regardless of the optimism on the part of the community, this is bound to happen.

McLain noted that this scenario cannot and will not happen, but it is extremely likely. Most likely, the cryptocurrency market will follow the already known pattern and bears will dominate in the next two years. However, there is a certain possibility that the interest of institutional investors and the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies allow us to expect that a global fall will not occur. However, this is unlikely.

The expert said that history always repeats itself, especially in financial markets. Even if now the cost of the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin and other altcoins continues to grow, then they will inevitably fall. The rate of all digital currencies will undergo a major correction, but it is impossible to say exactly when this will happen.

His comrade Spector stressed that he was in solidarity with the opinion of his colleague. The situation in the cryptocurrency market is rapidly changing, but one should always take into account the risk and danger of repeating a well-known scheme.

Most likely, the industry will face a considerable number of problems and factors that will affect the market capitalization and can bring it down sharply at any moment. That is why investors should be especially careful.

Earlier edition informed that analyst Joe Hasler assured the public that the Ethereum digital silver price will rise significantly in the near future. He noted that the value of the assets will soar by almost 10 times and reach $25,000.

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