Experts Report An Increase In The Number Of Cybercrime

Chainlaysis service experts reported that they recorded an increase in the number of transactions in cryptocurrency mixers and noted the emergence of such services. According to experts, this suggests that the number of criminals in the cryptocurrency world is multiplying and such software is in high demand.

According to the analytics firm, Crypto mixers have recorded an all-time high usage rate. It was noted that this is not only due to money laundering but also because users wish to remain anonymous online, especially regarding bitcoin (BTC) transfers. However, it has been said that cybercriminals have made a considerable contribution to the popularity of mixing services.

According to the data, approximately 11% of all cryptocurrencies sent from fraudulent wallets are addressed to mixing services. According to security experts, most of the funds came from centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. It was also highlighted that almost no transactions were recorded from jurisdictions or exchanges with a so-called high-risk level.

“According to analysts, this year the growth in the popularity of using such services will grow rapidly, despite the difficult times in the cryptocurrency market.”

It is noted that there are more and more service providers, understanding the demand for this sector. According to experts, in the coming years, serious measures will also be taken against the owners of such platforms, due to the fact that they do not control the customers they provide services to.


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