Five Largest Exchanges In Korea Support Ethereum PoW Fork

  • The DAXA Alliance advocates for the “unbundling” of Ethereum
  • South Korea’s top five exchanges may list ETHW tokens
  • So far, members of the association are working on the mechanism of listing and drop

The DAXA Alliance, which includes five of the largest Korean crypto exchanges, came out in support of the Ethereum hard fork. This decision means that the sites are officially ready for the listing of ETHW tokens, as well as their derivatives.

What is this association?

The Digital Asset Exchange Alliance (DAXA) was formed in June this year. It brought together the top 5 largest exchanges in South Korea, namely: Upbit, Bithumb, Coineone, Korbit, and Gopax.

The companies adopted a joint resolution on permanent cooperation in order to counteract fraud and form a unified regulatory framework in this area. The creation of the alliance was a response to the call by the authorities to introduce more reliable measures to protect investors in the face of high market volatility.

What fork are you talking about?

For the first time, they started talking about the “separation” of Ethereum back in the summer. A major Chinese miner has announced its intention to fork PoW in order to create a separate ecosystem.

Despite criticism from Buterin and the ETC Cooperative, the initiative gained support among members of the community. Among the supporters of the fork is the Poloniex exchange, one of the largest holders of Ethereum.

Where did the members of DAXA come from?

So far, there are no specific measures from the alliance that would directly relate to the “separation” of the ether. So, for example, an official representative of Upbit said the following in a telephone conversation with the media:

“So far, the decision on the airdrop has not yet been made. Also, I can’t comment on the listing information.”

However, all five exchanges passed a ruling in support of the fork. This means that they will develop a mechanism for listing and delisting, as well as consider the nuances of the drop.

This is significant support for the fork camp. Although there are no specifics yet, in the event of a “split”, these exchanges will most likely list ETHW.

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