Floki Inu developers talk about advertising in the UK

The developers of the Floki Inu cryptocurrency project have shared details about the launch of a new advertising program for their product in the UK. They stated that they initiated the second stage of the marketing campaign in order to draw as much attention as possible to the cryptocurrency world.

The management of the organization assured that they now comply with all regulatory rules and requirements of the advertising regulators of the kingdom. Competitor Dogecoin stressed that they again decided to launch aggressive marketing in the London transport system. Representatives of the company noted that advertising has already appeared on 100 buses and at 203 points of the English subway. The launch was successfully completed on April 25, 2022.

Marketers estimate that more than 10 million UK citizens will be able to see the Floki Inu ad. This will popularize this cryptocurrency. Representatives of the company assured that they had learned lessons from the past. Now their campaign does not violate any rules and complies with the requirements and laws of the state.

They expressed their confidence that the UK Advertising and Standards Authority (ASA) would not interfere with the new initiative. Previously Floki Inu charged that the ad exploited the fear of consumers to miss out on the potential benefits of investing in a cryptocurrency asset, but did not inform about the risks.

The head of the marketing department of Floki Inu, under the pseudonym Saber, said that the new campaign is a victory for the project and a big step for the development of the entire cryptocurrency industry. The startup team has done a great job in order to launch the second stage.

Earlier edition informed that the Alfa Romeo F1 ORLEN team has announced the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Floki Inu (FLOKI). The crypto-currency company has become a stable partner in Formula 1 racing.

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