Fujitsu To Release ‘bitcoin Killer’ Quantum Computer In 2023

  • The Japanese will release a quantum computer that risks breaking cryptography 
  • It will happen in 2023
  • Let us know if there is any reason to be concerned.

Japanese techno company Fujitsu has announced a commercial release of quantum computers in 2023. This equipment will receive much more power than the legendary Frontier – the world’s fastest supercomputer. The manufacturer has already scheduled tests of the new PC model in finance.

Threat to the Bitcoin Algorithm

Some quantum computing experts are convinced that such computers threaten the security of the Bitcoin network. The LocalBitcoins exchange and the University of Sussex stated this in their reports.

Scientists have mathematically proven that quantum devices can crack the SHA256 algorithm that runs the Bitcoin network. At least, this is much easier to do than with classic devices. However, calculations show that this will not happen quickly. Therefore, cryptography has 10-20 years left.

Programmers are working on solutions that will help eliminate the threat of quantum computing. So, the Ethereum foundation has developed a “quantum sustainability” scheme, but it is only suitable for the Ethereum blockchain. Other companies, such as the Quantum Resistance Ledger project, are creating new blockchains and cryptocurrencies resistant to such powers. So it’s too early to panic. And for any technology or threat, humanity always finds answers.

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