Hackers Hack Korean Government Youtube And Run Crypto Scam Ads

  • Hackers hacked South Korea’s official YouTube channel
  • They added an advertisement for the SpaceX Invest project there.
  • This is a fake project allegedly from Elon Musk

On Saturday, a group of hackers took over the official channel of the South Korean government. The scammers changed its name to SpaceX Invest and launched a crypto-scam advertisement.

After the channel was hacked, hackers posted several interviews with Elon Musk, where he talked about cryptocurrencies.

Hackers posted several interviews with Elon Musk, where he talked about cryptocurrencies, in order to attract people to the scam scheme

The government quickly discovered the hack and froze the account for 4 hours. Now they have made a request to Google Korea to find out how the hackers were able to carry out such an attack. According to preliminary data, the criminals stole the channel ID and password.

Recently, we almost every day learn about major hacker attacks. Moreover, even Hollywood stars become victims. For example, Bill Murray lost 119 ETH after the NFT auction. And a couple of days ago, assets worth $265,000 were stolen from the KyberSwap decentralized crypto exchange. True, Binance quickly helped them: they identified the addresses of two hackers and turned to law enforcement agencies.

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