Half Of Gig Workers Want Crypto Paychecks

Research by Bakkt Holdings, Inc. (NYSE ticker: BKKT) showed: that the number of gig industry workers ready and willing to receive payment for work in cryptocurrency has increased to 50%. This suggests that every second employee has a positive attitude towards the digital currency industry.

A study by experts from the Bakkt virtual asset platform has shown that interest in the sector is inevitably growing. The document was named Gig Workers & Crypto Study. At the same time, the experts noted that there were many changes compared to the study’s previous results. This time, the cryptocurrency market was in the process of collapse, but this did not confuse users.

Every 5th employee admitted that they had previously received a salary in cryptocurrencies. Analysts assured that virtual assets had become much more often used to pay for work in most gig economy sectors. In addition, many people from various industries, including freelancers, politicians, and taxi drivers, are becoming more tech-savvy and accepting digital currencies.

Now a new generation is being formed, ready for radical changes in the global financial system, representatives of the Bakkt team said. In the coming years, the popularity of cryptocurrencies will grow and become even more often used as a means of payment, attracting people’s interest in new areas of everyday life.

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