How To Earn Bitcoins With A Computer

It seems to some users that mining is the primary method of making a profit using a PC. But it requires a lot of computing power. Mining bitcoins with a PC is difficult. Therefore, beginners often ask: “how to earn bitcoins using a computer?”.

For 2022, there are simple methods for earning BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Some of them do not require investment.

  1. The main ways to earn bitcoins on your home computer
  2. Partnership programs
  3. Taps and airdrops
  4. Various promos
  5. Trading
  6. Games
  7. Characteristics of cloud mining
  8. Is it possible to mine on a home computer
  9. Cryptocurrency mining software
  10. Results
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

The main ways to earn bitcoins on your home computer

In total, there are 5 main ways to get Bitcoin coins using a PC:

    • Referral programs.
    • Faucets and airdrops.
    • Promotions.
    • Trade.
    • Games.

Partnership programs

This method of earning bitcoins is straightforward. It does not require an initial investment. In this case, users almost do not need to do anything themselves. The method’s essence comes down to using affiliate programs of cryptocurrency platforms. Users must register and generate referral links to invite new customers. Offers can be sent to anyone.

Typically, referee earnings consist of portions of digital platform commissions. The sites share profits with partners in gratitude for new users who increase the overall trade turnover. There are other methods of rewarding the referee. But the essence is always the same. At the same time, both partners and platforms win.

Top 5 exchanges with referral programs for July 2022:

  • Binance.
  • Bybit.
  • OKX .
  • Huobi.

Taps and airdrops

This way of earning is also simple and does not require investment. However, users must be active to receive Bitcoin.

Faucets are applications that give out bitcoins to customers for free. But users have to complete small tasks. These include viewing ads and other similar activities. Using faucets does not bring much profit – often up to $ 5 per 24 hours from a dozen programs. But customers only need to log into the apps for 1 minute.

Airdrops are distributions of digital assets from the developers of cryptocurrency projects. Upon completion of the events, coins and tokens are credited to those who contributed to the promotion. Usually, Airdrops participants need to complete simple tasks. For example, developers ask users to repost the latest posts on Facebook, like and post comments. But there are other issues as well.

Various promos

This is an effortless way to earn bitcoins on a computer. It rarely requires investment but always requires user activity. However, you cannot always make money with promotions. They run out pretty quickly.

This method involves receiving cash bonuses for registration and other actions. To do this, users need to search for and participate in temporary promotions of various cryptocurrency platforms. Promos allow beginners to receive start-up capital for trading or long-term investments.


This term means the trading of cryptocurrencies. Trading is a difficult way to make money. It requires an initial investment to use. But beginners without trading skills and experience often lose their investment.

Trading also requires perseverance. For successful trading, you must spend a lot of time researching charts and cryptocurrency projects. Traders call this technical and fundamental analysis. But you need to know the basics of trading:

  • Cryptocurrency market cycles.
  • Models of investor behaviour and other fundamentals.

Trade is different. It depends on the strategy chosen by the trader. Each trading model has a different complexity and brings extra profits.

The probability of success for professional traders is higher than for beginners. Therefore, beginners should use the minimum investment. It is recommended to invest such amounts that it is not a pity to lose. This will allow you to gain experience and eventually start trading profitably.

Top 5 trading exchanges with low commissions:

  • FTX – 0.020% from each trade.
  • MEXC – 0.020%.
  • — 0,075%.
  • OKX – 0.080%.
  • Binance — 0,100%.


This is an easy way to earn money. You don’t need to invest in it. But the method requires activity from users.

Part of the mobile cranes provides customers with mini-games. They do not replace viewing ads and solving captchas. Games are an additional way to earn Bitcoin using faucets. Typically, apps feature match-3 entertainment. The developers of some cranes also create particular tasks and hold tournaments.

Top 3 games with bitcoin rewards:

  • Bitcoin Pop.
  • Bitcoin Food Fight.
  • Bitcoin Solitaire.

Characteristics of cloud mining

Classic cryptocurrency mining requires an effective hash rate. Therefore, for mining, you need to buy expensive equipment. Few users can purchase such computer equipment. But for 2022, there is a potential solution to this problem.

Cloud mining involves the rental of computing power. You can get a hash rate for mining cryptocurrency assets from providers. Intermediaries often manufacture mining equipment and hand over its power to customers through cloud services. Users use the received power to mine bitcoins.

The hash rate is rented by buying digital contracts. Usually, providers offer several of their tariffs at the same time and provide customers with the opportunity to configure virtual agreements independently.

The contracts specify the terms of the lease:

  • The hash rate.
  • Cryptocurrency for mining.
  • Price.
  • Validity.

Potentially cloud mining can generate income. But don’t expect big profits. However, many cloud platforms are scammers. There are few honest providers for 2022.

Typically, scammers scam customers into stealing their cryptocurrency investments. They promise high profits, take users’ money, but then do not fulfil the terms of the lease – do not pay income or stop responding altogether. Still, swindlers forcibly terminate contracts. At the same time, the attackers do not return the investment.

Cryptocurrency mining software

Mining bitcoins and other digital coins require software. Programs allow you to connect to blockchains and use the hashrate of computers for calculations inside them. Instead of software, you can use mining pools. Some provide clients with their interfaces for connecting to cryptocurrency networks.

Top 5 programs for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

  • Phoenix Miner.
  • lolMiner.
  • Claymore Miner.
  • GMiner.
  • T-Rex.

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