How Was Crypto Summit 2022

Yesterday, on August 26, the first annual summit dedicated to the crypto industry – Crypto Summit 2022 – was held in the Central Business Space.

The event brought together more than a thousand top investors, traders, representatives of funds, exchanges, as well as ordinary crypto enthusiasts in order to discuss the latest trends and news in the world of cryptocurrencies, Web3, NFT, and metaverses.

Among the thirty invited speakers were Tatiana Safonova, tax advisor of the 1st rank at O2 Consulting, Denis Smirnov, DAO/DeFi expert, Daria Nosova, partner and head of O2 Consulting FinTech Practice, Dmitry Marinichev, Internet Ombudsman, Herbert Shopnik, Waves Enterprise Development Director, and many others.

The guests of the event remembered the speech of Georgy Saliev. He considered investments in cryptocurrency from the point of view of human psychology, and his emotions, such as fear and greed.

Most of the speakers paid attention to the regulation of cryptocurrency in the country. But besides that, they talked about mining, trading, DAOmetaversesNFTDeFi, and, in general, the development of the entire crypto industry.

The section on NFTs and Metaverses talked about how NFTs are increasingly penetrating new areas of everyday life and that in the foreseeable future, NFTs may transform into new forms, such as SBT. This form of tokens has also received attention. SBTs are non-transferable NFTs containing personal information. The speakers talked about where SBTs can be used: as an identity card, medical records, a professional resume, and even to prove one’s skills.

The speakers and participants of the summit did not disregard the current crypto winter and discussed together how to survive this unstable period.

Throughout the event, guests of the event could make useful contacts — a special networking zone was organized for this. In addition, prizes were raffled off, such as TenCard business cards with an NFC tag, “TO THE MOON BOARD GAME” themed board games, and much more.

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