Hyundai Motor Implements Metaverse Project

Hyundai Motor plans to support its own non-fungible token (NFT) community through an initial issuance of tokens in partnership with MetaKongz this week and the launch of a dedicated NFT website in May.

Hyundai Motor, a leading automaker in South Korea, will release a limited edition MetaKongz NFT on Wednesday for 1 ETH ($3,045.09) apiece on affiliated communities and on the OpenSea marketplace.

 The automotive conglomerate will officially launch its NFT collection and official NFT website in May, along with dedicated communication channels for NFT holders on Discord and Twitter, which launched on Friday.

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The collaboration with NFT is part of Hyundai’s Metamobility Universe project, a key concept the company is promoting.

The automaker said the token projects will be rolled out throughout the year as part of the “Hyundai NFT Universe” expansion strategy.

The MetaKongz blockchain project was developed by South Korean IT firm Like Lion, led by blockchain enthusiast Lee Doo Hee.

In March, Kia Motors, a subsidiary of Hyundai, launched NFT to promote its new electric vehicle models, which reportedly sold out shortly after their release.

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