IGO Time: How to Buy GameFi Tokens on Seedify.fund

According to the analytical resource DappRadar, in 2021, venture investors invested more than $4 billion in blockchain games, and the trading volume of in-game NFTs exceeded $4.5 billion.

Game creators are increasingly raising funds through Initial Game Offerings (IGOs) on specialized platforms. Together with the Seedify. fund project, we tell you how to participate in IGO.

How IGO works

ICO, IEO, and IDO participants buy native tokens that can be used to reduce fees and pay for products in the project ecosystem. 

Purchasing tokens on IGO is essentially supporting the development of a particular game. Its participants can receive bonuses – in-game items in the form of NFTs.

Seedify.fund is one of the IGO platforms. Since its launch on March 26, 2021, it has held more than 50 tokensales, in which 4,500 investors took part.

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The most successful IGOs ​​on Seedify.fund are Bloktopia (BLOK), Cryptomeda (TECH) and Cryowar (CWAR). They raised $5.2 million, $2.7 million and $3.6 million, respectively. 

At the peak, the profitability of the Bloktopia token since the tokensale was 69,726% , Cryptomeda – 21,566% , Cryowar – 16,620% .

How to take part in the token sale

To participate in IGO, you need to register on the Seedify.fund website and complete the KYC procedure on the Blockpass verification platform. For this you need:

  • provide a passport, ID-card or driver’s license;
  • take a selfie;
  • take a photo of a document that confirms the place of residence;
  • specify the external wallet address that you will use on Seedify.fund.

Detailed instructions for passing KYC are published on the platform blog .

Users fund IGO with Seedify.fund native tokens (SFUND). You need to buy them on KuCoin, Gate.io, PancakeSwap or other exchanges , and then withdraw them to the wallet specified during registration.

Depending on the number of SFUNDs, the site assigns a level and “weight” to the user, which affect his capabilities during IGO.

Level system

Level system Gamefi

Seedify.fund assigns users one of nine levels , depending on the amount of SFUND in the wallet. The higher the level, the more tokens you will receive on IGO.

Each level has a weight of 5,000 to 100,000 tokens.

Users of the sixth level and above can participate in private tokensales, and users of the ninth can participate in seed rounds on Seedify.fund.

SFUND staking

To get into the list of IGO participants, you need to transfer SFUND to staking no later than a day before the token sale.

The profitability of staking depends on the blocking period of tokens:

  • 7 days – 5% per annum;
  • 14 days – 11% per annum;
  • 30 days – 25% per annum;
  • 60 days – 55% per annum;
  • 90 days – 75% per annum;
  • 180 days – 90% per annum.

The exact yield can be calculated in the Seedify.fund calculator . Step-by-step instructions for transferring tokens to staking are published on the platform blog.

Buying tokens on Seedify.fund

On Token Lay Day, Seedify.fund users must complete the following steps:

  • connect a wallet on the Seedify.fund website ;
  • select the project pool hosted by IGO;
  • click the Buy Tokens button on the page that opens;
  • indicate the amount of tokens within the available distribution and confirm the swap.

Depending on how the tokens are distributed, the investor will receive them at the time of listing, through an airdrop, or after submitting a request on the Seedify Claim page .

Project Plans

In February, the Seedify.fund team announced the launch of two platforms: Seedify NFT Launchpad and Seedify NFT Space.

The first one will host initial offers of non-fungible INO tokens, and the second one will trade these assets. Only users with SFUND in stake are allowed to participate in INO. 

Seedify NFT Launchpad and Seedify NFT Space are scheduled to launch in April 2022.


At the end of 2021, tokens from the GameFi segment showed impressive dynamics. Thus, the profitability of the Gala and Axie Infinity projects amounted to 28,707% and 16,618%, respectively. During the same time, Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen in price by 60% and 400%.

The Seedify.fund project aims to create a complete ecosystem for game developers, investors and NFT collectors. 

If users continue to be interested in GameFi, the platform may become one of the main venues for IGOs ​​and INOs.


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