In August, BTC Miner Income Grew By 10%

  • Over the month, the profitability of “farms” has increased significantly
  • August became the first “positive” month
  • Miner revenue increased by 10%
  • Difficulty increased by 9.26% and hashrate increased by 12%

In a month, from July to August, bitcoin mining revenue increased by 10%. The Farmers received $657.97 million, of which $647.72 million came from block rewards.

In fact, August was the first month since March when mining profitability increased. And although the volume of income remains modest, there is clearly a positive trend. 

For example, in July this figure amounted to $597.35 million. At the same time, the peak value was reached in October last year. Then the “farmers” earned $1.72 billion.

Mining difficulty also jumped, by 9.26%. This is the third positive change in a row and the largest since January of this year. Network hashrate increased by 12%.

This shows that the number of ” farmers ” has increased. Mining difficulty dropped significantly in the spring, when many small “ players ” were forced to suspend work due to the fall in cryptocurrency prices.

It is also noteworthy that ETH miners earned 1.1 times more than their Bitcoin counterparts. In August, their revenues amounted to $725 million.

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