Investor Jim Rogers Spoke About The Attitude Towards Bitcoin

A prominent American investor and co-founder of Soros Fund Management, Jim Rogers, told what he thinks about the cryptocurrency market and whether he is ready to acquire one. He also explained his attitude towards bitcoin (BTC).

According to the expert, he will not buy cryptocurrencies, regardless of what prices they may trade in the future. Nevertheless, Rogers stressed that depending on different development scenarios, the situation in the market and the global economy might change its mind. The specialist emphasized that he would consider buying BTC if the European Union accepted it as the official currency and introduced it into the region’s payment system.

Rogers expressed the opinion that before considering cryptocurrency as a reliable investment, it will be necessary to enlist the support of governments regarding the sector. According to the entrepreneur, bitcoin is well suited for speculation but will eventually fail as a currency. He also predicted that government bodies would lose their monopoly on money.

Rogers recalled that he could have been an early bitcoin investor when he did not purchase BTC for $1 for 10 years. Thus, he made it clear that he still refers to the cryptocurrency sector with skepticism after a while.

He previously argued that BTC is a gambling tool, not real money. In 2020, Rogers predicted that the price of the leading cryptocurrency would eventually fall to zero.

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