Kraken Confirms Rumors Of Problems With The SEC

Representatives of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange confirmed that they faced problems from the US Department of the Treasury and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The company noted that it became the second crypto firm, after the Coinbase platform, to whom the regulatory authority has paid close attention over the past week.

It became known that an investigation is underway regarding the activities of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. Its leadership is accused the platform may be involved in violating the rules and sanctions against Iran. For some time, the service allowed citizens of this state to register and conduct trading operations on the site without any problems, which is strictly prohibited by US laws.

This document was published a very long time ago. In 1979, the US imposed sanctions against Iran, banning the export of goods and services within the country. Marco Santori, the chief legal adviser of Kraken, assured that the management of the service would not comment and talk about the details of communication with regulators. He also added that Kraken is closely monitoring compliance with the laws and has a department of specialists responsible for ensuring that the site complies with all regulatory requirements of the supervisory authorities.

Claims against the platform came after former Kraken employee Nathan Peter Runyon accused the service of illegal trading despite sanctions. Rumor has it that in addition to Iran, the exchange provided its services to citizens of Syria and Cuba, which is also banned.

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