Ledger wallet releases new version of Cardano app

Representatives of the cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Ledger announced that they have updated the Cardano application. They added compatibility of smart contracts of this blockchain. The developers have released version 4.0.0, which has become available to all Ledger Live users.

The startup team assured that from now on their application supports smart contracts, which is the key of all new features. According to the developers, this was done due to numerous requests from users of the hardware wallet. Clients can now interact with smart contracts directly from the app.

Head of blockchain startup Cardano Charles Hoskinson stated that this is great news for all cold wallet users. He noted that since the integration of the Alonzo update in September 2021, the popularity of the network has grown significantly.

Social media users assured that they are waiting for the latest version of the application, which is scheduled for release in June this year. According to the press release, Cardano and the Plutus smart contract platform will see significant improvements during the hard fork. The upcoming Vasil update is intended to provide a significant increase in the performance level of the Cardano network and expand the functionality.

Currently, the official release date for the new version is June 29, 2022. Currently, there are more than 900 blockchain projects in the Cardano network under development, and their number is constantly growing.

Earlier edition informed that experts have recorded the fact that the number of Cardano holders has surpassed the mark of 5 million. Thus, the number of accounts in the network has grown by 48% in 1 calendar year. According to official figures, the sum of unique Cardano addresses was only 2.6 million in April 2021.

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