Minecraft-affiliated developers claim ‘responsible integration’ of NFTs and digital assets

Over the weekend, Climate Replay, which includes developers from the Mojang Group, creators of the popular Minecraft series, announced the responsible integration of non-fungible tokens or NFTs and digital currencies into games. It seems that the group is not completely satisfied with the current direction of GameFi.

“Games give us hope in an increasingly uncertain world. They help us unleash our creativity and free us from the limitations of the real world – physical, financial or otherwise,” said the Climate Replay team.

However, they did warn about the current state of digital assets intertwined with games:

“Most NFTs, and by extension most forms of digital property in their current state, serve the exact opposite purpose—their value is entirely determined by artificial scarcity and speculation, provided by the unnecessary waste of physical resources.”

“Thus, it is critical to the health of the global gaming community, the planet, and society as a whole to ensure that any adoption of blockchain-based technologies such as NFTs only when they bring provable value to games and their communities,” the popular game team wrote.

To potentially address the aforementioned issue, they suggested that game finance or GameFi developers follow, among other things, the following rules:

  • Deliver meaningful value to players [through digital assets].
  • Do not use technology that is intentionally inefficient, resulting in specific significant environmental impacts.
  • Do not use artificial scarcity to create speculative value.
  • Do not rely on unregulated, volatile cryptocurrencies.
  • Do not disproportionately benefit early adopters or wealthier users/players.
  • Implement projects transparently and take the problems of studio members seriously.

It also looks like Climate Replay wants to see major changes to the current play-to-earn or P2E model associated with GameFi. This includes shifting the primary purpose of such games from P2E to having fun. In other words, players should not receive income from games such as “unofficial work”. Last year, it was reported that people playing the popular NFT game Aixe Infinity in developing countries were earning an income higher than the minimum wage in their home countries.

However, players are becoming increasingly frustrated with the sharp drop in the price of the main game token in Axie Infinity (AXS) , which leads to a corresponding drop in their income level.

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