Miner Monero spoke about the global network update

An unnamed Monero cryptocurrency miner spoke about his expectations for the network upgrade, which is scheduled for May 2022. He assured that thanks to him, the digital currency will receive a new breath of air and regain popularity among members of the crypto community.

Anonymous said that he talked with the developers of the protocol and they are eagerly preparing for the release. This update will be fundamental and will change a lot for miners. The cryptocurrency miner assured that his colleagues are also waiting for the network update, as it will become a key one in recent years.

According to him, the most important feature Monero will be that the reward for mined blocks will never fall to zero. The new mechanism offers a stable reward of 0.6 XMR per generated block. This will allow miners to keep the network running, receiving a guaranteed profit. With the current value of a cryptocurrency asset, this figure will be about $160.

Thanks to the update, Monero will become an even more private and secure blockchain, and will not lose mining power, but rather increase in this indicator. Market analysts assured that the news about this update played a key role in the growth in the value of the cryptocurrency asset, which has added almost 90% in price lately.

Earlier edition informed that according to the analytical company CipherTrace, cybercriminals have increasingly begun to give their preference to the Monero cryptocurrency. This altcoin enjoys unheard-of popularity due to the properties of increased confidentiality. Experts assured that it has become the most popular in ransomware programs. According to experts, in 2021, the use of this virtual asset by criminals has grown by 500%.

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