Miners Processed A Block In The Bitcoin Network For More Than An Hour

  • The Bitcoin network crashed. 
  • One of the last blocks was processed for 85 minutes
  • Due to 13 thousand of transactions were not completed promptly

This morning, October 17, about 13 thousand transactions in the Bitcoin ecosystem were ” suspended in the air .” Due to an unknown failure, one of the blocks took 85 minutes to process.

This is supported by data from both Explorer BTC and Blockchain.com. At 09:48 GMT, AntPool processed a block with a height of 759,052. The next miner was Foundry USA. He processed the block at 10:09.

And after that, it crashed. The Luxor miner processed the next block at 11:34, that is, after 1 hour and 25 minutes. After that, Foundry USA mined two more blocks, but without such a delay.

Due to the failure, 13,000 transactions hung and were not processed promptly. There are no new details yet, and it is unknown what dictated such a delay.

We previously reported that BTC mining difficulty had reached a new historical peak. Coupled with regulatory pressure and a drop in the value of BTC, this is hitting the “ farmers ” significantly, especially retail ones. 

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