Mining Company ECOS: A Comprehensive Platform For Investment In Mining

In 2022, Bitcoin can be mined only on powerful equipment – integrated circuits. Asics are noisy and generate a lot of heat. Such equipment is uncomfortable to keep at home. Therefore, it is placed in data centers or simply rented capacity. You can rent equipment on the official website of ECOS Mining in Russian. The company offers cloud mining and hosting services. ECOS operates in the free economic zone of Armenia and enjoys tax benefits. Therefore, the company can offer miners competitive electricity prices and flexible tariffs.

Features of ECOS

A multifunctional platform for investing in digital currencies provides simple and convenient tools for earning. Users can mine Bitcoin and store and exchange other assets (ETH, USDT, XRP, and BCH) in the ECOS crypto wallet. The company aims to popularize digital currencies. The ECOS ecosystem includes the following projects:

  • Investment platform with package offers.
  • Built-in digital coin exchanger.
  • Wallet for placing assets.
  • Mining platform.
  • Shop with ASIC.
  • Hosting provider for ASIC miners.

In 2022, the company is focused on mining cryptocurrencies and portfolio investments. ECOS is the operator of the free economic zone of Armenia. The company has 200 MW of capacity thanks to a local thermal power plant partnership. ECOS Mining provides the following services:

  • Sale and rental of equipment for mining BTC. In 2022, the company will host the most powerful ASIC models (Antminer S17 Pro 100).
  • 6 months warranty on the equipment. If the ASIC fails, the company will repair it free of charge.
  • Setting up equipment and connecting to a mining pool. The contract terms include free delivery of ASICs to the data center and preventive maintenance.
  • Payment for contracts in fiat currencies or BTC. Digital transactions go through the CoinPayments service.
  • Mining management through a computer or smartphone. The mobile version can be downloaded on the website or in app stores (Google Play, App Store).

In the summer of 2022, the interface will be translated into 7 languages, including Russian, English, German, Spanish, and others. Clients can also participate in the referral program. Developers pay 10% of the contracts of attracted users.

How to download and install on a PC

To connect, you do not need to download programs and configure equipment. The company takes care of the preparatory work. When buying equipment, a contract is concluded with the user. The contract terms stipulate free delivery to the data center and ASIC setup.

To manage to mine on ECOS Mining, you must register a personal account on the site. Customers can also install the app for Android and iOS. In the mobile version, all the platform functions are available, including portfolio investment, exchange, and storage of cryptocurrencies.

Registration in ECOS mining

To create an account in the system, you need:

  1. Click the “Register” button on the site.
  2. Specify the email address and confirm it (enter the code from the letter).
  3. Select your country, and add your mobile phone number. Confirm the data with a code from SMS.
  4. Come up with a complex password, and enter it twice. The access code must contain at least 8 characters, including numbers and uppercase Latin letters. It is recommended not to use significant dates or words for security reasons. The password can be changed anytime in the “General Settings” section.

In 2022, the company’s customers will also have access to a mobile version of the service. The app works on Android and iOS smartphones. To register, you need:

    1. Enter your email address enter your phone number.
    2. Confirm registration data using the code from SMS.
    3. Create a password for quick access to your personal ECOS account for mining.
    4. For added security, you can enable fingerprint access on the next screen.

Personal Account Overview

You must enter a username and password to log in to your account. The main profile page displays account statistics (income for the period in BTC and the number of purchased contracts).

Personal information (city, name) can be added at any time in the “Profile” section. You need to contact support to change your email address or phone number. The following options are available in the profile:

  • Cloud Mining. The page contains the balance, the current hash rate, and the current Bitcoin exchange rate. Users can view the history of accruals by day.
  • “Purchase of capacity.” In the section, you can calculate income and select a contract according to the parameters.
  • Mining Equipment. The section contains ASIC models available for purchase. In July 2022, there is a 48% discount on BITMAIN Antminer S17JPro 100.
  • “Add device.” The user can connect the miner to the hosting. In July 2022, the company will offer devices with a discount of up to 60%. Available miners BITMAIN, Innosilicon, Whatsminer.
  • “Transactions.” The tab contains the history of incoming and outgoing transactions.
  • “Settings.” In the paragraph, you can change the password, enable two-factor authentication, and add a wallet number. In July 2022, sending BTC is only allowed to old-style addresses (starting with 1 or 3). The company also plans to add withdrawals in other cryptocurrencies.

Security Setup

The company ensures the protection of client data using encryption. Users can take additional security measures. The following options are available in the “Settings” section:

    • Activity history. The system records successful authorizations in the personal account.
    • “General settings.” In this section, you can change your password. For security reasons, it is recommended to set a new code at least once every six months.
    • “Two Factor Authentication.” You can enable additional protection through Google Authenticator.

Creating A Worker

Under the contract terms, ECOS Mining takes over the preparatory work for the equipment launch. The system creates workers automatically when a hashrate is connected to the pool. After starting the ASIC, the miner’s name will appear in the control panel. Cryptocurrency mining will start the next day automatically.

How to set up an ASIC

On the ECOS Mining website, you can buy or rent an ASIC and connect the equipment to the hosting. To go to the store, you need to click ASIC Shop. The bear market of 2022 is an excellent opportunity to buy equipment at discounted prices. In July, ASICs offer discounts of up to 60%. The following models are available in the store:

  • BITMAIN Antminer S19j PRO, T19.
  • Innosilicon T3, T3+Pro.
  • Whatsminer M30S++, M30S+, M30S.

Due to a significant decrease in prices for cryptocurrencies and a simultaneous increase in the complexity of the Bitcoin network, the company offers to host only the Antminer S19j PRO model. Users can host devices purchased or rented on the platform. Setting up the ECOS miner is included in the hosting price ($650).

The table contains the main characteristics of Asics available for sale in July 2022.

BITMAIN Antminer S19j Pro
12.52 thousand
3.05 thousand
Antminer T19
13.8 thousand
3.2 thousand
Innosilicon T3
3.65 thousand
3.3 thousand
Innosilicon T3+Pro
4.05 thousand
3.3 thousand
Whatsminer M30S++
17.6 thousand
3.41 thousand
Whatsminer M30S
13.88 thousand
3.26 thousand
Whatsminer M30S+
15,830 thousand
3,400 thousand

Mining statistics are available in your account (in the “Miners” tab). The customer can at any time terminate the contract and take the equipment. The equipment will be delivered to the destination free of charge.

Pools of cryptocurrencies for mining on ECOS Mining

The company’s data center is located in the free economic zone of Armenia. After the conclusion of the contract, the client’s hashrate is automatically connected to the pool. Company employees perform mining setup on ECOS. The pool distributes profits between participants according to its own Full Pay Per Share algorithm.

The method aims to benefit from high commissions in the network. First, the pool pays a reward for valid shares using the PPS method. The transaction fees for the block are then distributed. This increases customer profits by 20%.

Cloud Mining

ECOS Mining clients can mine cryptocurrency without buying and maintaining expensive equipment. The company has a large pool of equipment and provides it for rent. To start earning, you need:

  1. Register on the official resource.
  2. Go to the Cloud Mining section.
  3. Calculate the potential profit on the calculator. To do this, select the investment period (minimum 24 months), capacity (from 0.89 TH / s), and the expected price of bitcoin (from $43,000). When calculating the profit, it is assumed that the mined coins will be kept up to the target value.
  4. Click “Buy Contract.”
  5. Check the terms of the transaction (service fee, term, coin – BTC, hashrate). It should be taken into account that the pool commission in ECOS Mining is charged for each terrahash of power. When buying 10 TH / s, the value should be multiplied by 10. It is essential to calculate the profit carefully. If necessary, you can contact technical support or chat on Telegram.
  6. Enter a promo code for a discount (if any).
  7. Choose a payment method (BTC or bank card).
  8. Click “Buy Now.”

New users after registration receive a free contract for 1 month to test cloud mining.

Production statistics can be tracked in your account. ECOS Mining accrues profit daily to the internal wallet. After the conclusion of the contract, funds begin to flow in 48 hours.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from ECOS Mining

Coins can be sent from an account to offline storage in BTC-Legacy format (the address starts with the number 1 or 3). For this, you need:

  1. Go to profile.
  2. On the settings page, click “Wallets and withdrawals.”
  3. Enter the storage address and the number of coins.
  4. During a high load on the network, you can increase the commission for the operation. Confirm the transaction with a password.

Coins can be withdrawn at any time by paying a network fee. You can use profits for portfolio investment in other cryptocurrencies. The minimum investment amount is $100.

Payout Categories

The profit from mining goes to the internal account daily. After reaching the minimum threshold (0.01 BTC), coins can be transferred to an external wallet. In the mobile application, clients also get access to portfolio investments. The conversion of bitcoin to alt is carried out through an internal exchanger.


The service does not charge a fee for withdrawing funds. Clients transfer only network commission. In July 2022, this is 0.000088 BTC ($1.96).

Minimum Payout

You can withdraw any amount from 0.001 BTC. The number of transactions per day is not limited. It should be borne in mind that for each transfer, you will have to pay a network commission.

Advantages and disadvantages of the miner

Passive income. Due to the market’s volatility, it is impossible to calculate the profit in advance.
Payouts every day. You can only mine bitcoin.
Responsive support service, there is a chat in Telegram.
Large selection of contracts.
Fully legal business (power located in Armenia).
The platform works in Russian.


In 2022, cloud mining is one of the easiest ways to mine bitcoin. With a reasonable approach to investment, a business can bring in 30% profit per year. However, such earnings are risky due to the remote location of mining farms. Customers cannot check the availability of capacity. Scammers use this. For investors, finding a reliable company that will generate profits is a great fortune.

ECOS Mining is one of the largest BTC mining operators in the CIS. The company has significant capacities in the free economic zone of Armenia. The data center sells and rents ASICs. Thanks to state support, the company keeps competitive prices for services. Clients can visit the farm in person.

ECOS Mining partners include market leaders BITMAIN,, Rostelecom, and Cisco. In 2022, the Tashir holding will invest in the project.

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