MoonDAO Sent A Blogger Into Space And Raises Money For Parties On The Moon

  • Crowdfunding organization MoonDAO sent a famous YouTube blogger into space
  • Member of the band Dude Perfect made a trip on the ship New Shepard, developed by Blue Origin
  • MoonDAO plans to have parties on the moon

There is no limit to crowdfunding. The MoonDAO organization has just confirmed this fact and sent a man into space. The lucky winner was Koby Cotton, a member of the well-known YouTube team Dude Perfect with 58 million subscribers.

The newly minted astronaut went on a trip last Thursday, August 4th. To do this, MoonDAO purchased a ticket for the New Shepard ship, which was developed by Blue Origin engineers. The Jeff Bezos company is one of the first private firms to provide space tourism services.

Kobe Cotton was chosen by voting on Discord. Most of the MoonDAO members felt that only he could represent the organization during its first space flight.

This week, Cotton, along with 5 other astronauts , climbed to an altitude of more than 100 km, breaking the so-called Karman line. This is the conditional boundary of space. The flight lasted about 10 minutes, after which the crew successfully returned to Earth.

MoonDAO is a crowdfunding decentralized autonomous organization that is a group of crypto enthusiasts. They collect cryptocurrencies and NFTs to fund space travel. During its existence, DAO has accumulated about $8 million.

In addition to the recent flight, the organization plans to send two more people into space soon. Seats on the New Shepard are already reserved. Moreover, among the ambitious goals of MoonDAO is holding parties on the moon in the future. Obviously, they will need a slightly larger ship for this.

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