MoonPay’s new minting as a service tool is billed as AWS for NFT

MoonPay is adding new product lines to its core payment offering and is recruiting a number of founding engineers for its new HyperMint service, a platform it bills as Amazon Web Services for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to a job posting from a company looking for an engineer to develop on the Solana Blockchain (SOL), the new service will allow web2 brands, creators and companies to create and deploy crypto tokens using a “UI wizard.”

“We are abstracting away the complexities of deploying an NFT/token strategy and reducing time to market from months to weeks or even days. Imagine such an AWS for NFT,” the company said in an announcement.

It’s worth explaining that Amazon Web Services, or AWS, provides the key tools that underpin today’s Internet, and they account for a significant portion of Amazon’s revenue.

MoonPay appears to be entering the minting-as-a-service market, a sector currently occupied by incumbents such as Cargo, Manifold and Moralis, which offer NFT batch processing. Analysts say the current instruments on the market are still fairly simple offerings.

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However, prestigious fashion houses and record companies are listed among HyperMint’s first customers.

The Solana Development Engineer position has a salary range of $80,000 to $180,000 and offers “substantial capital” at MoonPay subsidiary.

Another job posting announced the search for an Ethereum engineer for HyperMint. According to the third, the company is also looking for an “AWS and DevOps expert” while forming a team of founding engineers.

Graphics embedded in the HyperMint job description for finding an Ethereum development engineer.

The focus on Ethereum and Solana means that HyperMint plans to use the same blockchains as OpenSea, the largest NFT sales marketplace currently. Solana is also becoming more popular in the NFT world due to lower transaction fees.

HyperMint was registered with Companies House in the UK in February. The company is headed by Semen Germanovich who has been working at MoonPay since December 2020. Adrian Pang , who joined in November 2020 and Frederik Becker , who joined the startup in May last year. Germanovich will lead products and development, Pang will lead operations and strategy, and Becker will lead sales and growth.

Will the main offer of MoonPay change?

The new venture is another offshoot of MoonPay’s core crypto payment infrastructure business. His NFT celebrity concierge service has made headlines in recent months . The White Glove Service reportedly brokered a number of expensive celebrity items. MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright said it was more of an “education” game in the NFT space and contributed to the brand’s marketing and PR.

The company also recently partnered with OpenSea to roll out direct bank card payments to make the NFT acquisition process easier for those without cryptocurrency. It was more of a technical solution to attract people who are not crypto enthusiasts to the crypto world.

In January, MoonPay first launched a plug-and-play service for buying and selling NFTs with a credit card. This came as Mastercard announced it was joining forces with Coinbase to enable people to buy NFTs with cards .

In October 2021, the company raised $400 million in a first round that valued the startup at $3.4 billion.

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