Morgan Stanley announced the prospects for cryptocurrencies

Representatives of the large bank Morgan Stanley stated that they see great prospects in the use of cryptocurrencies. According to financial institution management, digital assets could become more widely used as a currency

According to the bank’s management, the partnership with physical stores is an important milestone in the evolution of Bitcoin as a means of payment. Representatives of the organization emphasized that now few people use cryptocurrencies to pay for everyday goods and services. This is largely due to high transaction fees, as well as the fact that payment systems are not adapted for this asset class. However, the situation is rapidly changing.

Analysts at the bank said it was important that payments firm Strike announced a partnership with point of sale provider NCR and payment firm Blackhawk in the US. According to experts, this means that a huge number of shops and restaurants will soon be able to accept payments in BTC. For this, the Lighting Network solution will be actively used.

According to experts, cooperation partnership with physical stores is a key aspect in the evolution of the use of bitcoins as a means of payment. This is because more than 85% of US sales happen in the real world, not online.

Low fees for sending transactions using the Lightning Network means a high level of convenience and practicality for making small payments. Bank experts also noted that in the past, high volatility prevented the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Whereas now, against the backdrop of rising global inflation, this does not seem scary to consumers.

An earlier edition informed that the number of users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network has grown 800 times over the past year.

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