New Meme Cat Token Project PUSSYCAT Launches With Exciting Plans

PUSSYCAT, a new meme cat cryptocurrency, will launch with exciting plans on March 27. The platform is dedicated to big cats and their rescue and rehabilitation projects. In addition to providing funds for the charity, the token will provide adoption services, vet visits, and trade in digital assets. While Dogecoin has enjoyed the meme coin status, a rival animal-themed cryptocurrency is now gaining ground. Tiger King, a Netflix-produced show, brought Baskin international fame and recognition, but his plans for the platform are still in the early stages.

PUSSYCAT will be a self-generating token that will reward its owners for their loyalty and support. It will promote a “hold and earn” culture whereby users will earn reflection rewards after holding a particular amount of a particular token for at least two months. The project will also include its own DEX, PUSSYSwap. This is a decentralized exchange where members of the community can exchange their tokens at a cheaper rate than big brother exchanges.

PUSSYCAT has ambitious plans to create a dApp that will allow users to donate and trade their CUSSYCAT on a global scale. The token will have a limited supply and will be locked so that users can invest in it for a long time. With such an incentive, PUSSYCAT will be an attractive option for those seeking long-term investment opportunities. Besides that, PUSSYCAT will give users more power and say in decision-making processes. Moreover, it will also incorporate Verifiable Random Functions (VRFs) in its dApp.

PUSSYCAT’s founders are a pair of identical twins and a crypto-currency exchange. Nifty Gateway was sold to Gemini, a company owned by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The project continues to operate, and both brothers have a passion for helping people through difficult times. PUSSYCAT uses a dApp that allows users to buy and sell coins with their cryptocurrency.

Pussycat is available in several cryptocurrency exchanges. MetaMask and TrustWallet are the most popular and easiest to use, while PooCoin are the most popular. After 19 February, PUSSYCAT will be listed on the PussySwap DEX. These exchanges are operated by a team of five founders and are located in the UK, the Netherlands, and Canada.

Besides being the sixth animal-themed cryptocurrency, PUSSYCAT will also offer many exclusive rewards to users. PUSSYCAT is a new project from Carole Baskin. The cryptocurrency is available on many major exchanges, including the Currently, it can be purchased using MetaMask and TrustWallet. It will also be available on the PussySwap DEX.

The PUSSYCAT cryptocurrency will launch with exciting plans and features. The token will be available on a few different exchanges. During its initial launch, the PUSSYCAT cryptocurrency will be available on the main exchanges. After the first two weeks, it will also be available on PooCoin, MetaMask, and TrustWallet.

PUSSYCAT will launch with exciting plans. This new Meme Cat Token is available on several exchanges and can be bought and sold through these exchanges. The tokens will also be available on the market with a limited supply. It will be sold at $8.20 per coin. The price of the $PUSSYCAT will continue to rise and be used as a currency.

The $PUSSYCAT coin is available for purchase on the following exchanges: TrustWallet, MetaMask, and PooCoin. The tokens will be available on PussySwap DEX after 19 February 2022. The PUSSYCAT cryptocurrency will be a limited-edition crypto-token.

The new cryptocurrency project will offer a unique, collectible Meme Cat Token called PUSSYCAT. Developed by a team of professionals, the company has worked for many years to perfect the project. Its network has gained significant connections in the industry. Its website is highly innovative and is backed by a large number of advertisers. The team has also made it a priority to remain anonymous.

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