Next Earth Metaverse Launches $60M Fund

Representatives of the Metaverse project Next Earth announced the creation of a new venture fund for $60 million to form and maintain the ecosystem of the virtual world. The management announced the registration of Limitless, which will be responsible for implementing plans to create a digital planet.

The developers of the Next Earth Metaverse said they have created a three-dimensional copy of the Earth from about 5 trillion pieces. They also released their own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so that users can buy virtual lands. The project positions itself as a “metaverse as a service”.

Limitless will have two divisions. The first of these is Limitless Capital, which is a venture fund that plans to raise funds to invest in startups interested in joining Next Earth. The second, Limitless Network, will launch a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) package in the coming months. This is to help third parties simplify the process of integrating with the Metaverse.

In addition, proprietary server technology will be offered that will enable organizations to create their own micro-metaverses within Next Earth.

Limitless CEO David Taylor said that the goal of his project is to generate a unique virtual world that will bring together ordinary users, as well as large and small businesses within a single digital space.

Earlier edition informed that the cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global announced the official listing of the native token of the Next Earth metaverse. The NXTT cryptocurrency appeared in the functionality of the trading platform on April 11, 2022. This was associated with the drawing of prize tokens.

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