Prices For Bitcoin Miners Have Fallen To A Two-year Low

The cost of bitcoin mining devices in terms of the generated hash rate has decreased to December 2020.

According to the Hashrate Index service from Luxor Mining, the price of flagship ASIC miners (energy efficiency from 38 J / TH and above) is about $41 per 1 TH of power.

Data: Hashrate Index.

CoinDesk, citing its industry source, says Bitmain’s Antminer S19 and S19 Pro that fall into this category are selling at $20-$23 per TH.

In this price range, models of the top line Whatsminer M30 from MicroBTC are also implemented.

According to the source of the publication, the bankruptcy of Celsius Mining and the parent company put pressure on the market. In June, the Celsius Network mining division auctioned off 6,000 miners for $28/TH. The company has already sold the second tranche of equipment in 5000 units for $22/TH.

In 2021, Celsius Network invested $500 million in mining in North America. In November, the company’s CEO Alex Mashinsky said that the fleet consists of 22,000 ASIC devices, mainly Antminer S19.

“As new devices hit the market, we expect prices for the next generation to drop another $1-$2/TH. There are a number of mining companies that will have to liquidate part of their fleet, which will put additional pressure on the cost of ASIC miners,” predicts Luxor COO Ethan Vera.

According to him, falling prices for miners may feel some support at $18-$20/TH. Vera now has a “volume of applications” for purchase at this level.

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