Robert Kiyosaki Calls CBDC Communism

Renowned US author and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki have stated that the creation of a central bank central currency (CBDC) is a sign of communism in its purest form. According to the businessman, this approach completely contradicts the essence of the decentralization of cryptocurrencies.

Kiyosaki noted that he would never use such a digital currency because only the name unites CBDC with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, the entrepreneur stressed that he had no doubts: sooner or later, all states would switch to using a national virtual currency. This is because the world is changing, and the economy will be transformed.

According to the expert, unprecedented transformations are already taking place, new times have come, and finances are becoming digital. Nevertheless, the approach when the cryptocurrency is fully managed and controlled by the state is reminiscent of Kiyosaki’s communist system.

According to Robert, this is not the development of the needed technology. Cryptocurrencies were initially created and developed to get away from centralized control, create a new mechanism for managing and distributing funds, and not adapt to the existing system.

Kiyosaki assured that the cryptocurrency world is waiting for many years of struggle with regulators and other control and oversight bodies. Now it is difficult to judge how it will all end. Perhaps decentralized digital money will become the main measure of value in the world, or perhaps become completely illegal in most countries of the world.

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