Slope Asks Hackers To Return Stolen Assets In Exchange For $450,000.

  • Slope Wallet is ready to drop claims against hackers who stole almost $5 million.
  • The company offers hackers a reward of 10% of the number of stolen funds.
  • If the money is returned within 48 hours, Slope will not sue the hackers

The main anti-hero of the last days, Slope Wallet, is trying to negotiate with his offenders. The company offers hackers a reward of 10% of the stolen assets. In addition, the Slope owners are ready to drop litigation and turn a blind eye to the recent hack of the crypto platform.

Last Friday, August 5, the wallet team published a post on Twitter in which they turned to unknown hackers. According to the statement, Slope is ready to pay $450,000 to the hackers if the stolen digital assets are returned.

The company didn’t stop there. If the stolen funds magically appear in Slope accounts within 48 hours, there will be no legal action against the hackers. In other words, the owners will forget about the “unpleasant” incident.

The post on Twitter contains the address of a Solana wallet with support for SPL tokens, where the hackers should send the assets. In addition, the team announced that it is collaborating with TRM Labs. The firm is investigating the Slope Wallet hack.

Users of the social network criticized the developers. The community reminded the team that they stored customer seed phrases in plain text without encryption. According to affected clients, such carelessness is a glaring fact of unprofessionalism.

As a reminder, we previously wrote that deBridge Finance was subjected to a cyberattack. The leadership of the cross-chain protocol accuses North Korean hackers of trying to hack. The attack vector indicates that the Lazarus Group carried out the operation.

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