Star Atlas Announced The Launch Of The DAO And The Marketplace

Solana-based gaming metaverse Star Atlas announced the launch of Star Atlas DAO. The platform will offer a decentralized governance organization (DAO) system for in-game factions and its digital marketplace.

The DAO platform will use the Star Atlas POLIS Governance Token to enable participants to participate in decision-making. The DAO vote escrow model is designed to support community members in developing the Star Atlas ecosystem. The company announced the freezing mode of the POLIS cryptocurrency, with the help of which holders will be able to fix assets for up to 5 years.

Star Atlas co-founder Michael Wagner assured that the vision of Star Atlas is a DAO operating at various levels of the game, using on-chain tools to manage digital assets and developing a virtual treasure system that coordinates actions using the decentralized nature of the blockchain. He emphasized that developers strive to create convenient tools and provide the community with everything they need.

He said that Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse in 2620. The world will be divided into 3 factions that compete for natural resources, territories, and political dominance: the MUD territory ruled by humans, the Ustur sector owned by sentient androids, and the SVR region ruled by a consortium of alien species.

According to the founders, each of the three territories will have its own DAO structure, which will be used to establish and distribute financial rules in their respective controlled regions.

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