STEPN Players Discover Cryptocurrency Theft Amid Solana Exploit

Users of the move-to-earn (move-to-earn) NFT game with the withdrawal of money STEPN complained on the network about hacking crypto wallets. The players spoke about the theft of money against an exploit of the Solana network, based on which the project is built.

What happened

On the night of August 2-3, 2022, reports began to appear on the network about an exploit of the Solana crypto project ecosystem. Users of several hot crypto wallets have become victims of the security breach. In parallel, reports appeared on the network about the theft of funds by users of projects based on Solana. The players of STEPN spoke about the loss of assets. One of them complained about the theft of $8,000 worth of tokens.

Stealing money from STEPN
STEPN player complaint screenshot

The STEPN team advised users to check if their assets are in place. The developers have recommended that players move their tokens to secure the funds.

What is known about the exloy

As of this writing, the exact causes of the Solana exploit are unknown. Some netizens have suggested that scammers gained access to the assets of users of ecosystem projects by compromising private keys.

Here is what Solana representatives write in their microblog:

  • The exploit allowed an attacker to withdraw funds from several crypto wallets on Solana. As of 05:00 UTC, approximately 7767 Slope and Phantom crypto wallets in mobile and premium versions have been affected.
  • Engineers are currently working with several security researchers and ecosystem teams to determine the root cause of the exploit, which is currently unknown.
  • Owners of compromised crypto wallets should create new vaults for coins.

There is also information on the network about cryptocurrency theft from users of the TrustWallet crypto wallet. The platform developers advised users who have SOL or USDC to transfer money to cold storage.

It is known that scammers stole assets worth more than $5 million from users of the Solana ecosystem. The token of the crypto project, SOL, reacted to the news about the exploit with a slight drop. As of the time of writing, 1 token in rubles costs ₽2,341 ($38).

Solana cryptocurrency chart
Solana chart. Source: Trading View

Against the backdrop of the incident, many netizens called for abandoning Solana in favor of its main competitor, Ethereum.

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